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Japanese film ‘Your Name.’ wins LA film critics award for year’s best animation

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Film Critics Association said Sunday it gave its award for the year’s best animation to “Your Name.” by Japanese director Makoto Shinkai.

The award for the film, which is taking Japan and other countries by storm, comes just two years after “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” by Japanese director Isao Takahata won the award in 2014.

The LAFCA award is believed to influence the Academy Awards. “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki won the L.A. critics award in 2002 and the Oscar for Animated Feature Film the following year.

The movie is a love story of a high school girl who lives in the countryside and a high school boy in Tokyo and depicts gender-swapping in their dreams.

It is the first time that a Japanese anime not from Studio Ghibli Inc. has received the award.

Shinkai’s work is expected to compete with The Walt Disney Co.’s “Zootopia” and “Finding Dory” for an Oscar. Nominees for Academy Awards will be announced in January.

In China, the film topped the weekend box office, raking in 285 million yuan ($41 million) in ticket sales since hitting the nation’s screens on Friday.

According to a popular website for cinema tickets in China, Maoyan.com, the weekend box office revenue was the highest among Japanese films released this year in China, the world’s second-largest film market.

The website predicted that it may possibly overtake the animated film “Stand By Me Doraemon” to become the highest-grossing Japanese film in China of all time.

“Stand By Me Doraemon” recorded 530 million yuan in total box office sales when it was released in China in 2015.

China limits the number of foreign movies that cinemas can show every year and maintains tight control over which films are distributed.

Chemicals exceeding standards again are detected at new site of fish market in Toyosu

An amount of benzene 79 times the maximum allowed was detected among other toxic chemicals in groundwater samples gathered late last year from the new site at Toyosu, where the famous Tsukiji fish market is to be relocated, Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials said Saturday.

With the latest findings prompting questions over the veracity of data from previous groundwater tests, which rarely found problematic levels of toxins, the metropolitan government’s panel of experts said it will re-examine the groundwater there and release the result of the probe in March.

The latest finding could impact Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike’s decision on the timing of the market relocation, which she has already postponed so that safety concerns over the new site can be addressed.

“I am surprised to find out that detected levels came in far higher than expected,” Koike told reporters.

It is the second time that toxic substances have been found to exceed the standards. The results were reported to a panel of experts in charge of assessing the groundwater data.

Among the findings, the level of benzene — typically used in production of plastic — was 79 times the maximum level allowed, the officials said.

The chemical, which also results from the production of gas, is known to cause cancer.

Upon assuming her post in August, Koike decided to postpone the planned November relocation of the wholesale fish market, which also deals in fruit and vegetables, amid concerns about soil and air pollution. She later established a new schedule, saying the opening date will fall sometime between the end of 2017 and spring 2018, or even later.

Eight similar surveys have been conducted since November 2014, when the Tokyo government claimed it had finished taking steps to deal with soil contamination caused by the gas production plant that previously occupied the site.

In the eighth test, from which results were released last September, two toxic chemicals — benzene and arsenic — were detected in groundwater samples at levels slightly exceeding minimum standards.

At a news conference on Saturday, panel chairman Tatemasa Hirata said a surge in the levels of these chemicals in the latest survey is unusual, saying, “There is a need to look into whether this trend will continue.”

With the newest findings, the conclusive report the panel was scheduled to compile in April will be “slightly delayed,” Hirata said.

The detection of sharply higher levels of benzene and other substances in the groundwater at the Toyosu site has angered and shocked businesses at the Tsukiji market, which have been left in a limbo as the metropolitan government seeks to ensure the safety of the replacement site.

More delay — or even a termination — in the relocation plan would deal a heavy blow to fish dealers who have already invested large sums of money for the new site.

“I find (myself) with a renewed sense of surprise at how things have turned out,” said Hiroyasu Ito, chairman of the Tsukiji Market Association. Ito has been asking Koike to decide quickly whether to relocate the aging market, which opened in 1935, to the new site.

Yasuhiro Yamazaki, president of a fish processing wholesaler, said the latest finding will further raise public doubt about the safety of the relocation site.

“It is unavoidable if (the metropolitan government) is suspected of altering data (in previous surveys),” Yamazaki said.






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先日MEC Juniorクラスの生徒さんが英検3級を受験し、1次試験を合格しました。 面接の練習も順調で、合格の手応えはバッチリです! また、昨日海外の大学に奨学金を取得したMECの生徒さんが、進学に合わせて渡米いたしました。Zoomで「先生、行ってきます」と凛とした姿で夢を語ってくれました。本当に頼もしいです。 オンラインレッスンになってから、半年が経ちました。子どもたちも目をキラキラさせながら


大学の共通テストの実施が決まった。 まだあまりよく分析はできていないけど、見る限り、かなりのレベルが求められている。 リーティング200点から100点へ、リスニングは50点から100点へ。 設問も英語で語彙力は幅広く求められる。 これは大変だ。 今までの教材に出てくるような文法を習得するだけのためのフレーズだけでなく、日常で使うようなイディオムなどの理解が必要になっている。 さて、どうする? 民間


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